Accelerate Your New Product Development


Accelerate New Product Development

If you are a product manager looking to drive results, the contents of this 3-part digital book will help you stand out while making better products, faster.

Teams that need to do more with less will get the most value out of the principles covered in this book.

I learned these principles developing ideas into products for under-resourced teams at companies of various sizes, including at a multibillion-dollar company and at my two startups.

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Here's everything you get


  • The 4 questions you need to answer to create your new product development strategy. 
  • How to go fast by slowing down correctly upfront.
  • Who to involve in creating your NPD strategy.



  • Segment your customers to identify the group you're most likely to grow with.
  • Identify features to strengthen your current products and product ideas you need to develop to hit your growth goals.
  • Quantitatively and qualitatively determine which of your current products are winners and which need to be killed, regardless of how long they've been in the market.



  • What roles do you need when you can't have a dedicated New Product Development team.
  • The new product development process and how to run it reliably and efficiently.
  • How to solve any problem and funnel ideas from within your company using my simple but incredibly powerful Frame & Box™ method.

Strengthen Your New Product Development and Grow Your Business

You want to grow your business and have lots of good product ideas for your growing company.

  • But which should you go with?
  • How can you work on a new product without it impacting your focus on what you currently offer?
  • How can you make sure your next product is even more successful?
  • How can you ensure your new product won’t open you up to greater risks or take sales away from products you’re already selling?


A failed product can be costly at best and disastrous at worst.

I have experienced this first-hand - more than once.

Losing your own hard-earned money betting on launching what seems like a winning idea is painful.

It feels like betting because, unfortunately, that is exactly what we're doing when we don't follow a process that helps us identify and answer the most important questions for us in the journey from ideation to development to launch of a product.

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Following the process laid out in the guide takes out the guesswork and minimizes risk in developing new products. 

The guide will take you through easy, step-by-step instructions for: 

  1. developing a practical strategy for new products that makes sense for your company and goals,
  2. creating a product roadmap that translates that strategy into value for your consumers, and
  3. executing your projects to deliver on your business goals.
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You’ll learn how to systematically approach product development so you can accurately predict the success of a project before investing in it.


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You’ll learn how to get the right feedback for your current products while determining how well they are doing in the market.

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You’ll learn how to take that improved understanding of your current products and current customers to anchor your growth with new products and new customers.


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You’ll learn how to funnel ideas from within your organization - for new products, business opportunities, or problems that need to be solved.


Meet Frame & Box™, your secret to fast and predictive innovation and product development.

Frame & Box™ is designed for cross-functional teams working on important problems that need fast and accurate solutions.

It is based on years of experimentation with methods like Google Design Sprint, Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving Process, and the Scientific Method. 

This method has shaved off weeks to months from project timelines and saved tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs for my clients.

Use this method to:
• solve a hard engineering problem,
• kick off a project for a new product,
• find new business opportunities,
• design a strategy or program,
• unstick a team or project,
• make a tough decision, or
• get teams to work better together.

“Shashank has a true passion for driving innovation in a variety of environments, from small startup organizations to multi-billion dollar established companies.

His process brings an energy that is focused on stretching a team to elevate the best ideas and getting to the results an organization is ultimately looking for. This works to drive not only the process, but also a culture of innovation within an organization."

"Shashank is really incredible. It’s rare to find someone who has taken the very best of theory and applied it successfully in actual practice. Shashank has done just that. From Strategy, Design Thinking, Jobs to be Done, Design Sprints, Lean Startup and so much more - Shashank has combined these into repeatable processes. Applied in startups, new product launches, coaching teams, and building corporate innovation capacity across multiple product lines…Shashank brings an incredible mind and a wealth of experience to everything he does. Highly recommend."

"He was able to assist in helping us identify some of our unknown unknowns - a big deal for startups - and provide some high-level analysis regarding our opportunities in presenting the product value proposition and its market advantages. This alone probably saved us months - at least. The response to the product and presentation shifted for the better from that point, and Shashank is largely - if not entirely - to thank for it."

Even large and successful companies get product development wrong.

When you develop many products, across industries and markets, you realize it’s relatively easy to come up with product ideas. However, it’s very difficult to accurately predict whether a product idea will be successful in the market.

You could have the best team and all the latest tech in the world to help you make the coolest new things. But if you don’t know how to use those resources and align those efforts with what your company wants and the market needs, you will have a hard time succeeding.

You need Accelerating New Product Development

When New Product Development is done right using a methodical process that identifies and answers the right questions for you, you enable your employees to innovate for your company while helping you move faster than your competitors.

100% Money-Back Guarantee
I 100% guarantee that you'll love this guide, or I'll return your money and let you keep it anyway.
Just email me and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.


  • I founded the Innovation Accelerator at a multibillion, multinational company and developed the most efficient ways to ideate and develop products - even for severely resource-constrained teams.
  • I founded and ran two independent tech startups, with one exit.
  • I lead product development for a startup in a corporate setting, own several patents, and have helped launch dozens of products into the market.
  • I have helped companies of varying sizes with their product development and innovation programs with my consulting firm, WorkFrame Consulting.
  • I have developed the most simple and practical toolset for your new product development efforts that has been proven over and over again.
  • I will be available to answer any questions you may have about the program.